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Staff contacts

Sue Crozier

Dr. Chiodo's
Administrative Assistant
Robert Tebeau

Physician Assistant
Shari Vigneau


Meet the Staff

The Brigham Foot and Ankle Center is located in Suite 56 of the Faulkner Hospital. Available services include on-site x-rays, a cast room with certified cast technicians, orthotics and bracing, podiatric services, and same-day CT and MRI scanning.

The staff at the Foot and Ankle Center is dedicated to making your visit as informative, helpful, and pleasant as possible. Our Manager is Sue Crozier. In addition to running the Center, Sue is also a registered nurse and frequently helps out in the clinic.


Sue Crozier, Manager
Sue Crozier, Manager

Dr. Chiodo's administrative assistant is Robert Tebeau. Tebeau is responsible for setting up new patient visits as well as surgery. If you do need an operation, he'll help to arrange your surgical date and pre-operative testing. He'll also obtain any necessary insurance approvals and schedule your post-operative visits. Scheduling surgery sometimes may seem complex and intimidating. Robert understands this and is there to help to guide you through the process. Robert also is available for general help with such tasks as scheduling follow-up appointments and arranging MRI and CT scans. He assists with legal paperwork, medication refills, and general messages.

Robert Tebeau,
Administrative Assistant
Robert Tebeau
Shari Vigneau,
Physician's Assistant
Shari Altamuro, Physician's Assistant

During your visit, you may also meet Shari Vigneau. Shari is a Physician Assistant who works at the Foot and Ankle Center. Shari is highly trained and sees patients both with Dr. Chiodo and on her own. She is also available to answer medical or surgical questions